Permanent Residency in New Zealand

You need to possess a New Zealand permanent residency visa to become a permanent resident of New Zealand. You will be allowed to stay for a indefinite period in New Zealand but you will not be included in the citizens list of New Zealand. You will be provided with a two year initial Resident Visa before the permanent resident status.

You are allowed to leave New Zealand and enter again as many number times until the initial Resident Visa expires. A great feature about the permanent residency visa is that you are allowed to reside in New Zealand even after the expiration of the initial visa, without breaking or violating the regulations of immigration.

Once the initial visa expires, it is up to you to decide to stay back as a permanent resident of New Zealand or not. If you decide to stay back, you need to apply for the Permanent Resident Visa to enable yourself to travel from and to New Zealand. However if you stay for a long time outside the country, your permanent resident status will be cancelled.

There are two programs to offer permanent residency visa.

They are:

  • Migration program – for skilled migrants
  • Humanitarian program – for refugees who seek permanent residency