Ways of communication in New Zealand

Telephone, radio, internet and television are the major modes of communication in New Zealand.

It is said that more than 1.92 million people use telephone lines in New Zealand and a recent survey says that about 3.6 million people in New Zealand are using mobile phones to stay connected with their loved ones.

The telephone system in New Zealand is said to be very good and when it comes to domestic lines it is said that 99 percent of the people in New Zealand possess individual lines.

Microwave links and Optical fibers are used to link every city in the nation to the electronic exchanges.

The north island and south island is connected by the submarine optical fiber. These submarine cables are also said to connect Fiji Islands and Australia.

Six different internet service providers are located within the country to provide internet services to the populace of the nation and the number of people using internet in New Zealand was said to be 2.11 million during a survey made in 2005.