Student Insurance in New Zealand

It is said that majority of the Indian International students prefer to study in New Zealand. This fact was proved by the Department of Labor which said that there were 9,000 student visas issued to the students from India.

When surveyed on the first time international students visiting New Zealand it was again proved that Indian students were the ones who preferred to study in New Zealand.

However, now Chinese students are seen to outnumber the Indian international students, number wise. It is predicted that Indian students will still continue to get into the country to continue their higher studies in the future thereby making New Zealand the No.1 country for the international students.

The Ministry of Education has pronounced that all the international students should possess medical insurance with disregard to their origin of home. This particular medical insurance has to be cover specialty, medical and hospital costs.

International student insurance for New Zealand is said to be the most popular student insurance scheme in the country.