Holidays and Customs in New Zealand

In New Zealand, you will find two kinds of public holidays; some are mondayised while the others are not. New Year and Christmas are considered to come under the Mondayised holidays, and so if they come on a weekend wherein the employees do not work, then the holiday will be shifted to Monday or Tuesday in the following week.

If it is the other way round, wherein the employees will work on the weekend then they will be given holiday on that particular day itself along with their pay. If they work on both days, they will be offered with the traditional holiday and the Mondayised holiday will be treated to be a normal working day.

All other public holidays are offered as holidays on that particular day itself and employees who might have worked on that day too will only get paid day off. Workers who work on a public holiday are entitled to receive a substitute holiday and also paid time-and-a-half.