New Zealand Currency

New Zealand Dollar which is denoted by NZ$ or NZD is the currency of the nation. The Kiwi, informal term for the currency is another currency used in Cook Islands, Tokelau, Niue and Pitcaim Islands officially.

Every dollar is subdivided into 100 cents. The note consists of a Maori on the façade.

The names of the birds are present on the back side of Maori and all those names are said to start with a consonant. Most of the banknotes in New Zealand include males and deceased people.

The country had plans to switch to the decimal currency in order to substitute the burdensome and complex New Zealand Pound system in the early 1930’s itself however only in the 1950’s their plans began to reach the final step.

The government set up a committee to investigate on the decimal currency in 1957 which then led to the decimalization of the New Zealand currency in the year 1963.

New Zealand Dollar was established in the year 1967 to substitute New Zealand Pound.