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Accommodation Options in New Zealand

You can choose to stay in Always Rental campervans which is considered to be the cheapest form of accommodation in New Zealand. However you can also plan to stay in a tent at some campgrounds present in various parts of the country or you can also choose to stay in a Bed & Breakfast lodging establishments that are generally luxurious in nature.

If you are there for holidays in New Zealand you need to pre-book your accommodation by 2 weeks in advance to avoid any confusion that might arise at the last moment. Especially when you visit the country during December to February, you have to pre-book rooms to ensure your place of accommodation in the country.

Holiday park accommodation in the country comprises of on-site caravans, cabins, and tents. These places have facilities for toilets, showers, laundry and cooking and other attractions such as swimming pool, playground, spa barbecue and games/TV room too.