Multiculturalism in New Zealand

Maori were the ones who gave New Zealanders a bicultural outlook, while the multicultural outlook was given by the people who immigrated into the country. British people were the ones who migrated mostly to New Zealand till the 1960s.

Dutch people who had migrated during 1950s had also adopted local customs in a great manner. Two important changes took place in the 1970s. Most of the people who came from various culture background, started to settle down and take citizenship in New Zealand.

They started to bring up New Zealand-born children. Multiculturalism spread in New Zealand only during the 1970s which was actually commenced by Canada and then picked up by Australia.

It was stated that the people would still remain to be lawful members of New Zealand while preserving their own foods, language and traditions.

During the first New Zealand Day function which was held at Waitangi in the year 1974, events and efforts were put up to show off the ethnic variety of the country on display.