New Zealand Economy

New Zealand is said to have GDP of $101.685 billion in total.

The country has been rated as the 20th in the world according to the Human Development Index and as 15th according to the Economist’s in the year 2005. This country is said to heavily depend on trade.

Of the total amount of agricultural products this country products, it is said that it exports approximately 20%. Agriculture, fishing, forestry and horticulture are the major principal exports of this nation.

The country was said to experience a great standard of living however when the UK united the European Community in the year 1973 New Zealand saw major crisis.

There were some major improvements from the year 1984 which established and paved the path to restructure the total economy of the country.

The tertiary sector is considered to be the largest sector in the entire country which is followed pursued by secondary and primary sector.