New Zealand Culture

New Zealand has its culture taken over from both European and British custom that is interlinked with Polynesian and Maori tradition.

In the initial stage, Maori were the only inhabitants of this country, then came bicultural nature together with colonial & rural values which made the country to become a place with cosmopolitan culture that replicates the changing demographics.

The country is now a very developed one that is also good in terms of developing the natural environment and education.

The immigration and globalization from East Asia, South Asia and the Pacific Islands have helped to broaden the culture of New Zealand in the recent times.

Maori and European still remain to be the 2 largest ethnicities; however Auckland has become the largest Polynesian city in the world.

Outside of Auckland, the country is still much less diverse in nature with the huge parts of South Island still remaining to be under the dominance of European roots.