Work in Canada

You have to apply for a work permit in Canada. You can apply from outside Canada, or inside Canada or as you enter Canada. Most of the requirements for the above applications and their eligibilities are the same.

Students may either work on campus or off campus. The student may work on campus without a work permit if you have a valid permission for studying and if you are a full-time student at:-

  • A public college or university.
  • A private college or university that works under the same rules as a public institute.
  • A private institute authorized by the provincial government.

The off campus work permission allows international students to work outside the college campus. You have to be a full time student in order to qualify. You cannot start working off campus before you get the work permit. You can work 20 hours each week during the regular academic session and you can work full time during the session breaks like holidays in summer, winter spring.

A work permit does not give you a guarantee that you will get a job for yourself. It is your responsibility to find yourself a job.

For some academic programs, being experienced in work is an integral part of the curriculum. To be eligible for work permits, you must have a valid study permit; your intended employment must be the most important part of your program of study; your employment should be a part of your academic program; the internship employment cannot form 50% of the total academic program.

You can apply for a work permit by having an application by downloading and printing out the application package. Read the prospectus very carefully and then fill up the application form. After that, fill up the application form. Go through the form very carefully and answer all the questions. Attach the required documents with it. There is no processing fee for this work permit. Then you mail the form and the other documents where you are supposed to send it. Incomplete application will not be accepted and it will be returned to you. This might delay the application process.

You can even get permission to work after your post graduation. In order to apply for the program you must have studied full time in Canada. You have to apply for the work permit within 90 days of receiving written confirmation from your institute. You should also have a valid study permit when you apply for the permission of work.