Why study in Canada

Most students prefer studying in Canada because it is cost effective and one of the most famous destination for study in the world. Canada is also ranked as the number one place to live in around the world.

Canada places a very high value on their natural environment. It is considered to be a very safe place to study. Throughout the year you will get to see variety of leisure, cultural and other activities wherever you choose to stay in Canada. Canada has the highest and the best quality of lifestyle in the world. It is an enormous country with numerous tourist spots and destinations. The country side is really beautiful. Outdoor activities are very famous here like cycling, skiing, hiking, ice sailing, camping and sightseeing.

The education qualifications in Canada are valued all around the world. You can trust Canada in terms of high quality education. The education in Canada is very much affordable. Tuition fees and cost of living for the international students is generally low in Canada compared to any other country.

Canada is a multi cultural society. They are known to be friendly people. They warmly welcome students from more than 200 ethnic bases. Students will experience secure, peaceful and diverse cultural environment. Healthy and safe communities are available in Canada.

Canada is a bilingual nation because it has 2 official languages, English and French. Canadian education helps you to become fluent in these two languages and makes you capable of doing further studies in English or French. Students can learn both or either of the two languages.

Canada provides lovely and exciting campus lifestyle. The universities have the facilities of various modern technologies, activities. You can socialize, make new friends, and come across new and important individuals. You can even gain valuable knowledge and experience.

There are plenty of research opportunities. Canada offers you innovative research opportunities. Government and industries offer and support research in several fields.

Canada gives you various possible chances. It gives you several job opportunities. Financial aid is also provided to the foreign students. They are allowed to work on as well as off campus during their academic course. Students are sent on internship programs for gaining work experience which will help them in future. They are offered course degrees and certificates. The Canadian environment helps to concentrate on your studies and let you learn diverse cultures. International students can also apply for permanent residency in Canada.