University of Victoria, Canada

The University of Victoria is the 2nd oldest public research university in British Columbia, Canada. It is situated in Saanich and Oak Bay and is a research intensive university. The annual enrollment of this university is said to be around 20000 students. Study in Canada is very popular and so is this university. This university is often referred to as UVic. The campus of this university is very much famous for its creative architecture, beautiful gardens and mild climate. This university catches the attention of most students in part due to its size, charming location and its cooperative education, earth & ocean sciences, law and engineering programs. This university is also the 2nd largest research institution of the province and the leading institution of the nation in the VENUS and NEPTUNE deep-water seafloor observatory projects.

This university is well-known for its research contributions by its School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, which has also assisted to predict and ease the impact of recent earthquakes all around the world. The law programs of this university has a long history of safeguarding human rights and the environment and has also worked directly on a large number of precedent setting environmental and First Nations legal cases across the nation and around the world.