Thompsons Rivers University

Thompsons Rivers University is situated in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. This university provides students a board range of career streams, courses. This university has the main campus at Kamloops and another campus in Williams Lake. The Chancellor of this university is Wally Oppal.

The courses are textbook based and also provide practical experience via class and group projects that can involve community groups, non-profit organizations and businesses.

The Study Abroad programme permits the students to travel while receiving educational credits via any of 30 countries. Arts, business, nursing, tourism and computing science are some of the disciplines that offer study abroad. The students can get paid work experience in their study field via the cooperative education program. Education in Canada is highly regarded and so is this university.

This university provides graduate studies, including Master of Education, Master of Business Administration, Master of Environmental Science, and a Master of Nursing via the University of British Columbia. The Faculty of Law is providing a Juris Doctor [J.D] degree from the year 2011. Baccalaureates, two-year diploma programs, certificates, trades training, continuing studies, teaching English as a second language, university preparation and adult basic education are some of the education options offered in this university.