Saint Mary's University

Saint Mary's University is situated in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. This school is renowned and popular for having nationally lead programs in Astronomy, Business and International Development Studies. This school is also famous for having one among the best football and Men's hockey programs in Canada. This campus is present in Halifax's south end and covers about 40 acres in total. Education in Canada is often highly regarded and so is this university.

The Saint Mary's University Students' Association is the official depiction of the students of this university. This association was incorporated in the year 1966, yet it has represented the students unofficially for numerous years prior to it. The main offices of this association are situated on the top floor of the student centre.

This association offers such services as a safe drive program, online book exchange, tutor database, health and dental plans and the Gorsebrook Lounge.

This association operates various departments that assist in the task of serving students and turning their lives to the bestest ones at this university. Volunteer department, marketing and communications, events and programming, the yearbook and information desk and husky control are those departments. The Saint Mary's University Students Association is represented nationally by the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations and provincially by the Alliance of Nova Scotia Student Associations.