Queen's University

Queen's University is situated in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. This public research university was founded in the year 1841 and this pre-dates the founding of this nation by 26 years. This university has over 1400 hectares of land all through Ontario and also in Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex, England. This university is arranged into 10 graduate, graduate and professional faculties and schools.

Queen's College was established by the Church of Scotland in the year 1841 with a royal charter from Queen Victoria. The first classes were held in the year 1842 with 2 professors and 13 students. Those classes were proposed to prepare students for the ministry. This was the first university west of the Maritime Provinces to acknowledge and allow women and also to form a student government. The women's college for medical education was founded in the year 1883, and it was affiliated with this university. This university started to provide extension courses in the year 1888 and became the first Canadian University to be that way. This university was renovated into a secular school in the year 1912. It was only then the college modified its name to its current legal name. Education in Canada is highly regarded and so is this university.