Laval University

Laval University was the first institution to provide higher education in French in North America and is also the oldest centre of education in Canada. The main campus of this university is situated in Quebec City, Quebec, the capital city of the province. This university is ranked amongst the top 10 Canadian Universities in terms of research funding.

This university provides more than 350 programmes to over 38000 students, 20% of whom are studying at the postgraduate level, as of 2002. This university attracts over 2500 foreign students every year and has near to 1000 students drawn from Canadian provinces outside of Quebec. This goes to prove that study in Canada is the first choice of international students, mostly. Most students also come to this university for the Francais pour non-francophones programme that provides instruction in French as a second language to the students from Canada and also from around the world. This university is the only university in Quebec that trains forestry engineers. This university provides distance learning from the mid-80s. There are more than 30 programmes and more than 400 courses that are provided by distance learning, of which 80 percent are available in the internet, as of now.