Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal

The Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal is present in Montreal, Canada. It is an engineering school/faculty that is affiliated with the University of Montreal. This university rank 1st in the whole of Canada, for the scope of its engineering research. This university is rarely referred to as Montreal Polytechnic, even though in Quebec English, its French name is more typical used. This school provides graduate and postgraduate training and is also very much active in research. New bachelors of engineering graduating from the The Ecole Polytechnique will get an Iron Ring, during the Canadian Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer ceremony.

3929 undergraduate and 1615 graduate students were enrolled in the year 2007. There were around 5713 students enrolled in the winter semester in 2003, of which, 1198 were women and 4515 were men. There were totally 3997 undergraduate and 1716 graduate students present in that count. Education in Canada is preferred by most of the international students and so is this university. 150 researchers and 220 teachers are part of the community of this school. Renowned and eminent for its quality of teaching, about 600 diplomas, 200 masters and 50 doctorates are honored every year. Marc Gregoire, Commissioner of the Canadian Coast Guard is one among the prominent alumni of this school.