Ecole de technologie superieure

Ecole de technologie superieure is present in Quebec, Canada. This public engineering school was established in the year 1974, and is a part of the Universite du Quebec system. This school is specialized in applied teaching in engineering and technology transfer to companies. This school teaches researchers and engineers for their hands-on and innovative approach.

25% of the engineers get a diploma from an engineering school or faculty in the province of Quebec graduate from this university. It is ranked 1st in Quebec and 3rd in Canada for the total number of engineering diplomas awarded, every year. This university is situated at 1100 Notre-Dame West in Montreal, the location of a former O'Keefe Brewery, which was then converted to accommodate the school. It consists of 2 buildings that are dedicated to education programs and research activities.

This school features cooperative education in all its undergraduate programs. The bachelor's programs of this school have been accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board. Every year, this school graduates the largest number of engineers in Quebec and 3rd largest in Canada. The students are now allowed to specialize in disciplines such as Construction Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering. Education in Canada is always highly regarded and so is this university.