Carleton University

Carleton University is situated in Ottawa, Ontario. This university was established as a small college in the year 1942 and it now provides more than 65 programs in a wide range of disciplines. This university has been constantly ranked amongst the top 10 comprehensive universities in Canada. Over 2000 part-time and full-time faculty members are present in this university. There are more than 25000 students drawn from more than 147 countries, who are studying for a Doctoral, Bachelor's or Master's degree. This university has even created a record of admitting 6000 newcomers for the 2011-2012 academic year. This goes to prove that education in Canada is the first choice of most of the international students.

This university has got its name from Carleton County, Ontario that comprised the city of Ottawa at the time when this Carleton was established. Carleton County was named after Guy Carleton, first Baron Dorchester, an early Governor General of British North America. This university includes the Carleton University Research Office that is designed to uphold research activity by helping faculty with grant applications and dealing with contracts. This university is also publishing Research Works, an electronic publication which features research at this university.

This university is a member of the High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory [HPCVL] which is led by Queen's University.