Types of Visa in Canada

VISA is available for temporary stay in Canada for students, workers and visitors and may be of any of the three different types.

  1. Single entry visa:

With this VISA one can enter Canada only once. This type of visa is enough to allow repeat entries from the United Kingdom or Miquelon and Saint Pierre as long as the stay is intended only in Canada and another territory is not visited. The validity of a single entry visa is normally 6 months.

2. Multiple entry visa:

Allow multiple entries into Canada, for the validated time of stay in the country. One can enter into Canada any number of times one wishes to, but they have to be within the time of stay in the country.

3. Transit visa:

This visa is requires when the visit is intended for a very short time, generally 48 hours or less and is necessary when one makes a stop in Canada, heading to some other destination.