Canada Visa Procedure

Student permit is the common term given to student visa and is a must for students wishing to study in Canada. Students of many countries do not require any Visa.

To apply for VISA, applications must be submitted at any of the application centers at that place. After interviews with the Canada High Commission and after all the documents have been finalized for a temporary in Canada, the Visa is issued.

Some income sources must be showed that will be able to cover the first year charges, and evidence has to be shown that funds will be available in the subsequent years.

A passport with validity at least six months or more than the intended stay period must be provided.

School or college score sheets, proof of permanent residence outside Canada, proficient English speaking ability are some other details required for the VISA application.

One can even keep track of ones VISA application trough a tracker service. One has also to pay a non- refundable service charge apart from the actual expenses required for application of VISA to Canada.