Visa Fees in Canada

A student requires visa or a study permit to study in Canada. Cash or cheque can be the mode of payment for paying VPS processing charges and Visa fees.

On an average student permit is around $125.

There is huge financial undertaking while going on a trip to study abroad, but the costs of student permit and other facilities is quite less as compared to other places. Though visa fees totally different from the daily cost provision, one has to pay non refundable charges.

The method of paying the amount required for the visa can be either as money order or as a cashier's cheque or as a bank draft payable to the 'Canadian Consulate General'

The payment for the visa is generally made in Canadian Dollars or US dollars and must be drawn on a bank located either in Canada (for Canadian dollars) or US (for US dollars). The banks expect the visa fees (Right Of Landing Fee-ROLF) at the time of application or at any time during the process else the visa insurance gets delayed.