Visa Documents Checklists in Canada

It is important to double check some vital points before finally departing for Canada.

  1. A fully filled, completed and signed Application Form is the first requirement for applying the visa approval. The modern times demand typed forms, hand written and outdated forms are unacceptable.
  2. One of the vital requirements is 2 recent passport size professional photographs.
  3. Completed 'cover page and credit authorization forms'.
  4. One has also to send proof of funds available to support one and dependants during the stay and enable one to depart from Canada, such as a bank statement, pay stubs or proof of employment or proof of travel checks.
  5. A proof of legal status in USA
  6. A copy of the airline ticket or travel agency itinerary.
  7. The visa requirements are to be applied to the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC.
  8. Students of some certain countries require additional formalities or a personal consulate interview that may delay the process of visa achievement.