Canada Student Visa Guidelines

VISA has to be applied by anybody wishing to stay in Canada.

There are various fields, and one can wish to apply in any one of them. The categories of VISA applicants include: Visitor; Worker; Students and Permanent Residents.

Only those permanent residents who require a travel document to return to Canada need VISA.

VISA states on paper that a person is authorized to enter a territory for which it was issued and at the time of actual entry, is subject to permission to an immigration official.

Visa is required so that a person has legal permit to stay in the place and carry out his/ her task. Workers or students, visitors or even permanent residents who need to go on a short trip abroad require to fill the VISA form.

There is generally a time span associated with each VISA application and has to be either renewed or a new VISA has to be applied after the time has elapsed.