Student Visa Duration in Canada

Foreign or exchange students require visa for their stay in Canada to continue their studies and the programs they have enrolled into.

  1. There is a single entry visa and this visa allows repeat entries from the U K or Miquelon and Saint Pierre as long as the stay is intended only in Canada and another territory is not visited. A single visa is valid for six months only.
  2. A multiple visa allows one to repeatedly visit Canada any number of times, but these visits have to be within the time of stay in the country.
  3. If the student is absent from classes for more than five months at a stretch, that student has to apply for a new visa.
  4. Public schools generally do not entertain F-1 visa holders and they have to undergo severe scrutiny.
  5. Students wishing to extend their stay beyond their date are required to have approval from the USCIS.