Processing For Visa Application Canada

Student visa or study permit as know more popularly in Canada is a must for every aspiring student wishing to enroll in a Canadian University. Whether a student needs to obtain a study permit or not, solely depends on his country of residence. Most of the countries fall in this list, so it is expected you will also need a study permit for Canadian Universities.

Documents needed for study permit are as follows:

1. Complete application for study permit.

2. Valid Passport

3. Two recent photos of the student and people depending on him or vice versa. Must not be more than six months old.

4. Proof of acceptance in the desired University.

5. Evidence of self sufficient funds.

6. Bank transaction statement of last four months.

7. Proof of payment of fees.

8. Evidence of no criminal records.

9. Some special candidates may need to submit medical report.

10. Any other document as a proof of eligibility is welcomed.