Visa Photo Requirement in Canada

The process of visa application is not very strenuous but there are certain checkpoints one has to ensure before hoping on the next ride to Canada.

The photograph provided must be very professional and passport sized of dimensions 35mmx45mm. The few points to be considered for uploading the photograph on the visa application form are:

  1. The face must be square to the camera with a neutral expression, with the mouth closed and not smiling.
  2. 2 photos must be provided with the application form.
  3. Photographs must be printed on quality photographic paper.
  4. The photographs must be identical and must have been taken within the last six months.
  5. They can be either black and white or colored.
  6. The photos must be well defined and clear, and taken against a light colored or plain background.
  7. Digitally, if taken, the photographs must not be altered in any way.
  8. Tinted glasses that cover the eyes are unacceptable. Accessories must not be used if they obscure the face in any manner.
  9. If all these specifications are not met the photograph alone with the application form is likely to be rejected.