English Language Requirement in Canada

All aspiring candidates should take an exam to prove their worth. This is a very important exam for any candidates who wish to study abroad. There are several centers which conduct these tests. Candidates have to take the initiative to research about the following.

Any International student aspiring to join colleges and universities in Canada has to take the test. IELTS stands for International English Language Test System, and TOEFL stands for Test Of English As a Foreign Language. These are basic level examinations conducted to check you proficiency in the language.

A good score can admit you to good colleges. Hence it is extremely important that aspiring students must be focused enough to achieve a desirable score. An average score of eight is really good.

As far as TOEFL is concerned, for applying in good colleges and getting accepted, a 100+ score is expected out of 120. These are some mandatory exams to be taken.