Student Scholarship in Canada

The international and local students are eligible for scholarships that will enable them to carry out their education with ease and minimal expenses.

There are numerous scholarships on offer, and the list includes:

  1. Jack and Jean Nicol Award
  2. Marica Janisse Bursary
  3. Benson Financial Group, Clarica Award
  4. Philosophy Alumni Undergraduate Bursary
  5. Oticon People First Scholarship
  6. Rudolf A. Helling Memorial Award
  7. Tembec Citizenship Awards
  8. Special Needs and Accessibility Committee Bursary
  9. Shelley Ellison Memorial Award
  10. Edmund LeBlanc Memorial Safety Award
  11. Edgar Jebb Memoria Nursing Bursary
  12. Canada’s New Noahs
  13. Alumni Student Bursary
  14. E. Catherine Barclay Scholarship
  15. Anthropology Club Awards
  16. Royal Canadian Legion Branch #54 Bursary
  17. Students’ Association Struggling Student Bursary
  18. Rob Kinderwater Memorial Bursary

These scholarship / grants / fellowships programs provide financial aid, and tuition waiver. Assistantships and internships at various organizations also help in securing the scholarship programs available for students.