Permanent Residency in Canada

Canada offers various categories of permanent residency especially to the international students who go there to study in different institutions like colleges and universities. Out of all the categories there are two best categories that students can consider. They are the provincial nominee program and Canada experience class.

The provincial nominee program is an immigration program that permits employers to recommend, advise and nominate highly experienced and skilled employees (within one year of completion of the study program) to Citizenship and Immigration in Canada for permanent residency in Canada.

As the nominee of the province, the applicant will receive faster processing of their application for a status of permanent residency. They get it within 12 months. They will also be able to extend their work permit for an extra two years in Canada.

Canadian Experience Class is a newly added category of permanent residency. It is for the skilled workers who work on temporary basis. It is also for foreign or international students who have a Canadian degree from colleges or universities and a work experience in Canada.

Finding the right place to stay and work as well will take time.

Housing costs varies from place to place in Canada, depending on the location as well as the type of house.