Ways of communication in Canada

Communication is of vital importance in today's world and Canada needs to be connected.

The Canadian government is transparent and provides the public with accurate, objective, timely and complete information about its policies, services, programs and initiatives.

The medium of communication is generally in English or in French and Canada maintains its linguistic culture. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms includes English and French as the official language of Canada.

The Canadian government ensures that the institutions under it are visible, accessible, and accountable to the public they serve. The communication channels are many and can be from service centers, telephones to mail, print to broadcast media and even the internet.

Canada being a democratic nation, the government must be conscious, open, relevant, clear and secure and very reliable. The public must be equally co-operative too, as communication is a two way process.

Market surveys, and omnibus surveys also help the Canadian government to be better connected to its people.