Transport in Canada

A developed country such as Canada has excellent transportation system be it privately owned as well as public. Canadian economy includes the extracting and exporting raw materials from many areas. Owing to this factor, there is a huge transportation network running.

Canada has 1,400,000 kilometers of roads. The statistics seems huge. So is the transportation in turn. We have also noticed that in the year 2005 4.2% of gross domestic product of the country was made up. This in comparison to the mining and oil gas extraction industries of the country is way more.

The year 2009 recorded 20,706,616 road vehicles in Canada. The number is indeed huge and from this we can infer that the country owes its local revenue to transportation to quite an extent.

Along with road Canada also has many airports, harbors and other such means of public transport. It is very easy to travel in such a country.