Cost of Living in Canada

Canada is the world's largest country, after Russia. The vast majority lives in the southern side of Canada, near the US border.

In the past year scope of employment for a basic living in Canada has increased to a greater extent. Whereas few years ago it was advised not to come to Canada, as the pay scale was very low. Eventually we have seen a lot of more scopes in Canada now. Due to this factor Canada is attracting immigrants worldwide.

You might come from a developed county like Britain or a developing country like India, Canada now offers great houses at affordable prices. The salary for job premises has also increased. All these foster in contribution to multiculturalism.

Canadians are very welcoming and their warmth would make one feel at home. It is amazing to feel such in an alien country with completely different background from that of your own. The basic characteristics of the Canadians are amicable. Living in Canada is indeed amazing.