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Accommodation Options in Canada

Canada warmly welcomes all the international students. Students, especially international students, have several accommodation options in Canada. The students can take accommodation facilities on campus or off campus. It depends completely on the students and their families that which option they choose.

The general or basic options for accommodations on campus are dormitories, resident halls and hostels at the universities. The off campus accommodation options are rented houses, home stays, studio apartments, private hostels and sharing of apartments.

Home stay options is beneficial for the foreign students because they get to learn the culture and lifestyle of the people of Canada. This will help them socialize and make new friends. This will also open them up to the Canadian environment and their way of living.

Students, who love to socialize, interact and come across new individuals, for them on campus is the best option to choose for accommodation. The size of the dormitories and its quality will differ from university to university. For meals, students can either opt for cafeteria or for dormitory meal plan. Even kitchen facility is also provided to the students who want to cook their own meal. The dormitories are very well furnished and well equipped with comfortable living gadgets. The universities also offer gaming zones, television lounges and many other facilities.

In Canada, you will find many off campus accommodation options as well. Home stay is the most popular option. The option comes along with the offer of with or without meal facility. You can also live in apartments, alone or share it with your friends.

The cost of accommodation in Canada is around $400. For an on campus accommodation you pay around $3000-$7000 per annum. In case of off campus accommodation the cost comes up to around $200-$800 each week. Sharing and living may cut down your cost of living off campus.