Primary Education in Canada

Primary Education is very important for a Canadian kid. It is essential up to the age of sixteen in every province. It is a compulsory factor for children to get education at a primary level. As we already know that Canada is a developed nation the education system is intriguing as well. The rate of illiteracy is less in Canada. This part of the fact about the country is highly appreciable.

Primary Education is indeed a necessity for any citizens in the world. In today's days life cannot be sustained without education. It is permissible by parents to provide their children with primary education, in several Canadian jurisdictions.

It is arbitrary to put your child to high school. It generally occurs at the age of eleven or twelve. Some education here fosters a middle school which signifies final stage, roundabout at the age of fourteen.

Grade one starts from 5 to 7 years whereas Grade twelve ends at 16 to 17 years.