Multiculturalism in Canada

Canada owes popularity to many aspects. It is solely because of the high number of immigrants in the country. Multiculturalism is an amazing aspect adopted by the Canadian government in the early 1970s. It is mainly described as the ideology for the social importance of immigration. Through Canadian Multiculturalism Act the importance of this thought is well manifested.

It is an amazing aspect formulated by the Canadian government. Canada is widely supporting Globalization. Integrating world culture with its own provides a different view point all together. It is indeed interesting to watch how beautifully people with distinct background integrate as one unity in diversity.

We also notice that the per capita immigrants in Canada are very high compared to any countries in the world. There are two main languages spoken in Canada being French and English. Natives are fluent in both the languages. This aspect of Canada drives in a lot of students in the country too.