History of Canada

Canada has seen the inhibitions of aboriginals in the late fifteenth century to the early sixteenth century. Many archeologists have excavated and artifacts reveal that there was Paleo Indian habitation.

The main characteristics of these civilians were settled along with basic agriculture and also a large trade channel. Most of this culture faded with the arrival of Europeans in Canada.

Then Canadians had witnessed European colonialism. This factor was indeed a poignant aspect for the natives.

Colonialism in that period meant in simple words torture. The colonialism began with Norsemen and it did not see exploration until the beginning of 1947.

As Britain controlled the foreign affairs of Canada, it was brought to World War I.

However during the modern times Newfoundland and Labrador had joined Canada in the year 1949.

Canada brought in the new identity along with itself in the postmodern era. The economic growth along with the liberal government changed Canadian identity altogether.