Canada Climate

Cold weather and heavy snow is what Canada is often associated with. The climate in Canada is varied simply because of its variety of landscapes. In general, Canada witnesses distinct four seasons.

This is more often seen at heavily populated areas near the US border. Summer in Canada witnesses a temperature of about thirty five degree centigrade and even higher.

Whereas a negative twenty five degree centigrade in winter times. Canadians enjoy moderate temperatures during Spring and Fall time.

The summers are generally dry and even hot. It is said that the central region in Canada is humid and it is little milder in the coast. The spring is pleasant and shares the same climatic variations throughout the country.

Canadians enjoy a beautiful autumn. They see bright red and orange leaves in the entire continent.

Canada witnesses a periodical snow fall. “Chinook” a warm dry wind blows from the Rocky Mountains is said to melt the snow to some extent.

For those of you who love snow fall winter in Canada is the right place for you. Winter is really wet in Canada.