Work in Australia

Australia, being a country with huge landscape and great lifestyle is a perfect place to work. They were the first country to quickly recover from the recession and so without hesitating, you can eventually choose to work in Australia. It is an ultramodern country that practices modern law. Work place legislation is supervised and examined on regular basis in order to help the workers present in Australia, of which most of them are immigrants.

The working conditions in Australia is said to be great when compared to other countries. If you plan to work in Australia, you can anticipate working hours to be approximately about 35 to 40 hours/week.

You are allowed with 4 to 6 weeks for holiday privilege. You can take 10 days leave if you are sick. Even though if you don’t fall sick, you are still allowed to take leave for 10 days and these days are considered to be as career breaks. As an employer, your company needs to pay 9% of total pat for a retirement fund as per the Australian law.

The employers in Australia stand by a guide known as National Employment Standards [NES] guide that is said to set out minimum working conditions for the employees. The working conditions comprise of subjects such as annual leave, maximum weekly working hours, flexible working procedure, parental leave, public holidays, and termination and redundancy pay. You can also visit the Australian Fair Work website to know more about the terms and conditions for getting employed in Australia.

Both the natural resources and mining industry is booming and thriving these days in Australia and so does the other industries too. 75% of the employment is based in Service Sector, while industries constitute 21% and agriculture around 3.5%.

At times when there is a natural calamity or crisis, NES provides guidance to the employees if they are not able to be present at work or if they are set to quit by their employer. This particular period might be the period without pay. Contracts made without the enclosure of employer power are dealt with the advice given by NES which assists to settle on sensible reactions and also on taking good care with regards to the employees.

With all that being said, Australia proves to be a country wherein working conditions are great. They are pretty unique in nature when it comes to employee understanding and also to employer accountability.