The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is located in Adelaide, South Australia. This university was established in the year 1874, and it is the 3rd oldest university in the whole of Australia. This university is linked with 5 Nobel laureates, 104 Rhodes scholars and is also a member of the Group of Eight, and is also known as a sandstone university, informally. Education in Australia has reached a wide range of international students and so they prefer to come down here when compared to other countries.

The main campus of this university is situated in the Adelaide City Centre. This university has 4 campuses all through the state. They are North Terrace, Roseworthy College, The Waite Institute, and the National Wine Centre, and an Education centre in Singapore.

This university was opened in the year 1874 after receiving 20,000 pound as donation from grazier and copper miner Walter Watson Hughes, and also with the donations and support from Thomas Elder.

Sir Richard Hanson was the first Chancellor of this university, while Dr Augustus Short was the first Vice-Chancellor. Bachelor of Arts was the first degree that was provided in this university. This university started teaching in the year 1876. This university was the first to acknowledge women to science courses.