James Cook University

James Cook University is present in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. This university has 3 campuses in Australia and they are situated in Townsville, Brisbane and Cairns. Aside from the 3 main campuses, this university has over 20 specialist research centres and institutes all through Queensland and New South Wales.

This university has an international campus in Singapore. This university is the 2nd oldest university in Queensland and the first tertiary education institution in North Queensland. This university is said to be one among the 17 Australian universities that were listed in the ARWU top 400 academic world universities in the year 2008. Marine sciences, sustainable management of tropical ecosystems, biodiversity, tropical health care and tourism are the major fields of research. Education in Australia is highly regarded and so is this university.

This university was one among the first Australian universities to provide tourism studies and is acknowledged as a global leader in tourism education. The scholars of this university have been ranked amongst the top tourism academics in the worlds by the esteemed Tourism Management Journal. This university was named after James Cook, the British sea captain who made the discovery and potential colonial value of the east coast of Australia popular, and whose exploratory vessel HM Bark Endeavour ran stranded for repairs in North Queensland.