Deakin University

Deakin University has more than 40000 higher education students. This university obtains over A$600 million in operating revenue every year and controls over A$1.3 billion in assets. This university received over A$35 million in research income and had around 835 research students in the year 2010. This university has its campuses in the coastal cities of Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool, Victoria. This university has been named after Alfred Deakin, the leader of the Australian federation movement and the second Prime Minister of Australia. Education in Australia is always looked upon high and alike is this university.

This university is a custom-built Victorian university. The commissioning of the Ramsay Committee which was started by the State Government of Victoria and the Federal Government of Australia in 1970 was the major reason for the establishment of this university. The Federal Government's Australian Universities Commission suggested that a university should be started at Geelong in a report in the year 1973. This then led to the affirmation of Deakin University in the year 1974, by an Act of Parliament which is referred to as the DEAKIN UNIVERSITY ACT 1974. Act No. 8610/1974. The sites in Bendigo and Ballarat turned out to be independent Colleges of Advanced Education and as a result did not possess recognized university status.