Curtin University of Technology

Curtin University is located in Perth, Western Australia, with its additional campuses in regional Western Australia and and at Sydney, Miri, Singapore. This university has more than 46634 students with a FTE of over 33509, out of which 19872 were international students, as of 2010. This university has 3020 students. Education in Australia is very popular amongst international students and so is this university.

Before 1985, this university was known as the Western Australian Institute of Technology [WAIT]. It was formed in the year 1966. The nucleus of this institution included the tertiary programs that were conducted in the Perth Technical College in the past which was opened in the year 1900. In the year 1969, The Western Australian School of Mines, the Muresk Agricultural College and schools of physiotherapy and occupational therapy at Shenton Park were merged with WAIT. This institution got bigger from 2000 to over 10000 students by the year 1976. In the year 1987, this institute became the Curtin University of Technology under the provisions of the WA Institute of Technology Amendment Act 1986. The institute and Murdoch University were connected in probability study into the possibility of a union, in the year 2005. However a merger did not take place since both the institutions issues a press release for not undertaking the process.