Visa Fees in Australia

If you want to obtain an Australian visitor/tourist visa, you will have to pay A$110 for applying.

If you are applying for a temporary entry visa, you need to pay A$140 for a short stay of up to 3 months and A$105 for a long validity temporary visa.

For a Resident Return visa you need to pay A$300.

Permanent Migration visa for child, spouse, parent, adoption and labour will cost you around A$1,995 whereas Permanent Migration visa for skilled-independent & skilled-Australian sponsored individual will cost you around A$3,105.

If you are on the look to apply for a Permanent Migration visa for an orphan relative, the visa fees would be A$1,220.

You will be provided access to have a look at the details of the visa through the Visa Entitlement Verification Online System [VEVOS].

You will have to pay A$535 for applying and processing the student visa, which is non refundable in nature.