Types of Visa in Australia

There are various types of Australian immigration, which is classified as follows:

Student visas

International students are supported to study in Australia by the government of Australia. There are various categories of student visa, of which most of them need a confirmation letter from the educational institution.

Employment visas

Australian working visas are granted to only workers with high skills. The applicants are assessed with a points based system thereby granting points for some standards of education.

The individual states generally sponsor such visa types that recruit workers depending on the needs. Working visas are also granted to workers who are sponsored by any Australian business. The most famous type of sponsored working visa is the 457 visa.

Family visas

Family visas are offered according to the family ties basis in Australia. There are various types of Australian family visas that include the Spouse visas and Contributory Parent visas.

Both the family visas and employment visas might lead the applicant to possess Australian citizenship; however the applicant must have resided in Australia for a minimum period of 4 years of which at least 1 year as a Permanent resident.