Australia Student Visa Duration

Students from Pakistan, New Zealand and Afghanistan are required to submit their student visa applications via the Adelaide Offshore Student Processing Centre [AOSPC] instead of submitting it at the Australian High Commission located in Islamabad.

Basically, a student visa in Australia is offered only if it meets any of the seven categories that are mentioned below.

  • Independent ELICOS
  • Schools sector
  • Vocational education and training [VET] sector
  • Higher education sector
  • Masters and Doctorate sector
  • Non-award foundation studies/other sector
  • AusAID or defense sponsored sector

You can use the student visa to study in Australia for the course of duration till your studies get completed, wherein you can also take some family members along with you to accompany you.

Once the visa time gets expired, you need to leave Australia unless you have applied and got a visa to extend your stay in Australia.

Your spouse can also study for 3 months using your student visa, however if your spouse decides to study for more than three months then they have to apply for a student visa on their own.