Visa Photo Requirement in Australia

You need to also meet the photo requirements to obtain a Australia visa.

Basic requirements of the photographs:

  • You need to provide one recent photo of yourself that is not more than six months old.

  • The photo should be in color and must have been taken against a plain light background [cream/white/off-white/light grey etc] to make sure that the traits are noticeable against the background.

  • The photo should be a passport sized one [45mm x 35mm].

  • The photo must be clear and also should be of high quality.

  • You must never mount the photo.

  • It must be of high resolution and printed on a good quality paper.

  • Your full face should be observable without wearing any glasses and hat or any other head covering, unless you wear it due to your religious belief or cultural background. However, the head covering should not cast any shadows over your face.

  • You can wear glasses, only if there is no reflection made in the lenses and your eyes are visible clearly.