English Language Requirement in Australia Visa

You need to possess the ability to read, write and speak English language in the most elegant manner. This is the major requirement for applying student visa.

If you have studied English as your second language, you need to pass IELTS test to obtain the student visa. Your former record of immigration in Australia also plays a significant role in the evaluation procedure.

You also need to pass a medical exam according to the DIAC guidelines. Before you submit the application for student visa, you must get a medical insurance on the base of Overseas Student Health Cover [OSHC] program.

Test of English as a Foreign Language [TOEFL] which is an internet based test is one among test results that are accepted by the immigration authorities while applying for a student visa.

Pearson Test of English [PTE] and Certificate in Advanced English [CAE] are some of the other test results that are taken into account.