Permanent Residency in Australia

There could never be any better destination other than Australia, if you desire to settle down at an eminent and reputed destination in the world and start your new life. By becoming a permanent resident of Australia, you are offered a permanent visa which allows you to live inside Australia for an indefinite time period. However, you need to apply again after 5 years to renew the permanent visa.

Permanent residents are allowed to study the course of their choice. Education loans too are provided to help them study with much ease. Work permit is the most significant aspect of permanent residence. As a permanent resident, you are allowed to work under any employer of your choice. However, working in the Armed forces or in the Public Service is restricted to citizens of Australia. But this does not mean that permanent residents are not allowed to enjoy the benefits as such the citizens.

They are permitted to benefit from the laws as such the Australian citizens and are even allowed to demand worker’s compensation.

Medicare, the health insurance scheme operated by the Australian Government can be enjoyed by the permanent residents too. They are allowed to sponsor their family members for possession of permanent residence, however it is required to provide residence and support guarantee to enable them to get permanent resident status.