Student Insurance in Australia

Australia is said to be possess a special system of health cover for the International students who come to Australia to pursue their studies, which is known as Overseas Student Health Cover [OSHC].

You have to buy OSHC before you opt to visit Australia to cover yourself when you arrive in Australia.

Department of Immigration and Citizenship needs you to preserve OSHC for the duration of your time in Australia on your student visa.

You might discover that the institution wherein you have opted to study possesses an agreement with a precise OSHC provider.

You can select to get OSHC with that particular provider, or with any other Australian OSHC provider.

OSHC will assist you to pay for any hospital care you need to take while you are studying in the country.

OSHC will make the payments for the cost of most of the prescribed medicines and also for an ambulance during an emergency situation.